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World Cup I Vichy

Tuesday, 11-May-10 21:09:11 UTC
World Cup I Vichy

Racing in May in Europe is always a bit risky as the weather is not always “pleasant”, unfortunately for them the organizers in France were not lucky.

World Cup I racing is always full of ups and downs, with some athletes in good shape and others still struggling to get into race mode, but it is all about testing and learning. Our feeling is not very different we were there testing our new logistic solution, checking our new improved seats and some of the prototype fitting solutions we are working on for the 200 mt discipline.

We acquired a new trailer that allows us to take more than 80 boats at a time and perform good service even in bad weather conditions (we really tested this in Vichy), one of the highlights is our hall of fame.

In the race itself our boats did well, with no major issues, and only some fine tuning being done to some of the boats, but even in an easy weekend we repaired or tuned over 45 boats, we are specially focused on following some of the new technology we have incorporated on some of the boats mainly to measure their stiffness trough time, as well as new solutions for seat and footrests having the 200 mt as aim.

As always it is hard to individualize performances and to take credit of all the boats we had racing over the weekend, but here are some highlights from the Nelo point of view:

1.Max Hoff and Ronald Rauhe dominated the K1 events following their wins from Canada 09.

2. The Bahdanovich brothers came back to the their best performances after their Gold in Beijing to win the C2 1000.

3. Gold for France in the K2 200 with the two top sprinters (Jouve/Hybois) in the country joining forces for this new Olympic discipline, a K2 to keep an eye. Nelo K2 took a full podium on this event.

4. Marta Walczykiewicz stepped up after her silver medal in Canada to take gold on the new Olympic distance K1 200 W.

5. Adam Van Koeverden won 2 medals in the K1 events, something only he did during this weekend in all the single events in Vichy.

6. Always nice to see different countries taking medals such as Portugal, Slovenia, Cuba, Japan, Denmark, South Africa to name but a few.

7. The inclusion of the Para Canoe in the World Cup program is an enriching experience for all, and hopefully something that can make this sport even bigger.

8. Nelo boats raced to 8 medals in the new 4 Olympic 200 mt events this weekend, and a total of 20 in all the 12 Olympic events.

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Now time to prepare for Szeged, the next stop in our Tour 2010