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World Cup 2009 - Second leg

Tuesday, 26-May-09 20:04:20 UTC
World Cup 2009 - Second leg

Max Hoff (GER) winning the men’s K1 1000 m (Photo: Jantex)

The second leg of the World Cup 2009 took place in Poznan, Poland. Weather conditions were awesome all week, except for Saturday, where most of the racing were done in very difficult conditions, but after all this is an outdoor sport, so that is part of the game.

For us it was one very busy week, where we ended up servicing more than 80 boats, still far from the records of last year, but already more than in Racice.

Competition wise the weekend was great, with special note to:

Max Hoff, who won 3 medals in the K1 events, a surprising 3rd on the 500 m, an impressive 1st in the 1000 m and not to forget; 2nd in the K1 5000, probably the most entertaining race of the weekend.

Eirik Larsen who is back to K2 racing, taking two medals in two races, and on the last day showing that he still had something left winning the K1 5000 m with a spectacular final sprint.

Rachel Cawthorne, probably a name most people don’t know, but for sure they will in the near future, a solid 2nd in the 500 m and gold in the 1000 m.

In the C2 1000 m, Nelo canoes reached once more the two highest places on the podium, this time Belarus was back on top with Azerbaijan taking 2nd place.

The French and Czech K4’s held on to stay in the podium once again, as they did in Racice.

In the 5000 m Nelo took 7 out of 9 medals, well done Team Great Britain with gold and silver, and the winner of Racice Bridgitte Hartley from South Africa getting Bronze. In the Canoe event it was Canada that took control, also taking both gold and silver medals.

In the World Cup overall standing Anders Gustafsson from Sweden is on top.

Now all eyes are set on Szeged, Hungary, where the last World Cup of the season will take place in 2 weeks.