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World Cup 1 - The start

Tuesday, 12-May-09 12:05:35 UTC
World Cup 1  - The start

Racice welcomed during the weekend the first competition of this Olympic cycle. The weather gave a hand, and we had wonderful weather conditions and the course was fast and fair.

For us it was the time to present our service truck, it is a step ahead on our service. Now we can perform all the usual tasks in a more professional, but also cleaner and safer, way.

The 13 mt truck is decorated, with replicas of the medal winning boats from Beijing Olympics, and inside it transports the “real” boats for almost all the top athletes in the World.

The event did not have competitively that we got used in the past few years, but it was still possible to see some top performances. It was important for Nelo to see the V3 in action and starting to feel the feedback on it from the start, and an opportunity to take some notes on the results and performances of our boats:

1. In the 1000 mt K1 final it all started well with 8 K1 Vanquish III in the start line, winning all the available medals, with Adam Van Koeverden in highest place in the podium.

2. Goubel from France stormed to victory in the C1 Vanquish III 2 H, adding a World Cup gold to his European Title, followed in the 3 rd place by Poland, in the 500 mt it was Suklin (World Champion 200 mt in 2006) that took a Bronze.

3. Last year we gave the first steps into having a top performance C2, at that time we had 1 boat in an Olympic final that won gold, now we had 2, and they won Gold and Silver in the 1000 Mt and Bronze in the 500 mt.

4. K2 1000 was an interesting race with a new combination from Belgium putting it up a solid performance for Gold, in front of Belarus and Romania; all the medal winners had Nelo K2’s.

5. In the K4 Men, we still have not available the new K4 still the Vanquish II L from France, did a great job for Gold.

6. Men’s K1 500 saw the Vanquish III reaching 2 more medals with Anders Gustaffson and Renee Poulsen that with these bis on the podium are now leading the World Cup standards.

7. Ladies K1 500 saw the first ever World Cup Gold for Japan, that came together with the first Gold for the Vanquish III M in World Cups as well.

8. Men’s K2 500 saw the Vanquish III from Latvia reaching very close to Gold, in a promising debut for this model, and a strong revelation from Czech reaching for Bronze.

9. Ladies K2 and K4 were absolutely dominated by Poland winning both gold’s and Russia taking silver and Bronze in the K4, and the Slovakian pair winning the silver in the K2. All of these using Nelo.

So the first stats of the new era are 28 out of 36 possible medals and 8 out of 12 gold’s in Olympic Events.

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