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World Championships

Tuesday, 18-Aug-09 17:56:33 UTC
World Championships
Nova Scotia fans and volunteers deserved having this championships here, their dedication and joy was unique!

Even the weather helped, while usually here it is impossible to have good weather for 2 weeks, in any given summer, it happened for the Canoe 09.

Our service are was a bit different from usual, as bringing our truck over was not an option, still we managed to blend in the natural look of all the Venue, and conditions were awesome and more than 300 boats passed our stand in one moment or the other.

The facts were being reported in the Twitter (unfortunately there was no internet in our area) so updates were not as instantaneous as we hoped, still there is so much going on in a event like this, that it becomes impossible to resume it all in one news, so Twitter will be an option for those that want to know more about what is going on.

The results were our best ever with 7 golds in 12 possible in Olympic events, in a total of 20 medals (Old Olympic events) in new Olympic events 8 golds and 25 in total of 36 possible. In terms of finals we had a % of around 70-75% of the boats in the finals.

As always we will just present the more interesting notes, as a list of results can be pretty long grin...., so here it goes:

The big stars in the singles were Katalin Kovacs (K1 W 1000/K1 W 500) and Ronald Rauhe (K1 500/K1 200). Katalin is just one medal away of being the most condecorated athletes in World Canoeing Championships, and Ronald Rauhe is the Kayaker with more gold medals in activity. Max Hoff and Anders Gustaffson jumped into the inner circle of the medal winners, one with gold and the other with 2 silvers, a club that is not unfamiliar to Adam Van Koeverden and Ken Wallace the other medal winners.

Spain's Emilio Merchan did the "impossible" winning a marathon title just 3 weeks ago, he was able to win also the 1000 mt K2, add on this that he did it with different partners!

Hungarian Ladies team was unstoppable winning 6 out of 8 possible golds, we are happy and grateful to the solid cooperation that has existed between them and Nelo in the past 10 years.

Our "canoe project" is just been 7 years old for us, still our ability to hear and work with athletes has been crucial and the results are there to prove it with more achievements, we managed to have a full C2 podium for the first time ever. With teams as different as Russia, Azerbeijan and Germany medaling in the 1000 mt, and Lituania won the 200 mt. Nelo became the boat builder with more medals in the C2 races for the first time.

Concerning the new 200 mt events, we have a good working base with 8 medals in the 12 distributed to the new events, during this winter we will evaluate the effects of this change and how they will or not affect the boat, so no time for joy only time to refocus and work hard!

Relay was experimented during this championships, and we must confess the fact that there were too many waves after the first run, caused the athletes performance to be a bit compromised, still in the men's event Spain took the gold medal using only Nelo Kayaks, the only gold medal won with only one brand as the athletes choice.

Padleability or Para Olympic Canoe also had place in a World Championships for the first time, as official suppliers of this event, it was awesome to not only see our boats being used by so dedicated athletes but also to cooperate with them in adjusting and making them ready and comfortable so they could all perform at their best.

Women Canoe also had a camp sponsored by us in the weeks before, there was great excitement with different countries attending and making this what is expected to be the start of a stronger movement to include it in the Worlds program. The gratitude of the athletes that had a chance of using our boats and the feedback was very encouraging and motivated us as well in being a solid supporter of this cause!

Now it is time to prepare the Nelo Summer Challenge in what we expect will become one of the most important races in the world in the 2-3 years.