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Training Centers at Full Speed

Wednesday, 04-Feb-09 19:34:57 UTC
Training Centers at Full Speed

Photo: The Roxo Dam near Beja in the south of Portugal.

February marks the beginning of the paddling season for many teams. For us that means the arrival of many athletes to Portugal to train under our hosting.

This week more than 80 athletes will arrive, distributed by two locations, making this one of the busiest periods in our short history as training camp organizers.

The diversity and equipments of our camps allows us to create solutions to suit pretty much all the team requests, and help them reach the aims of their preparation.

At the same time it is a great opportunity for us to follow the new Vanquish III in action, as some of the boats are placed in the centers as soon as they are released.

Photo: Our training center in Cinfães, Douro Valley, near Porto.

You can find out more about our camps here.