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Szeged World Cup

Wednesday, 10-Jun-09 14:15:35 UTC
Szeged World Cup

Anders Gustafsson (SWE), the overall World Cup winner.

Szeged closed in great style the World Cup Tour of 2009.

There is no other place on earth that can match the crowds and atmosphere that Szeged presents year after year. The athletes like to race here, and we have the time of our lives helping them!

Canada is the great aim for all, that is why we made a plan that will help the teams using Nelo to have their boats and service in time there. This plan will allow them to have the same boats in Canada as the ones they are racing now in Europe, without being “away” from their favourite boat for long! The first step; load over 45 boats to Canada directly from Szeged, hard work… but it will pay off.

Actually, Szeged became on of our most successful World Cups ever. Our boats managed to win 10 out of the 12 golds in Olympic events!

With results like these it becomes hard to mention all of them, so i will mention the ones that made a bigger impression:

1. Anders Gustafsson from Sweden, the World Cup winner, closed with Gold and Gold, a great World Cup Tour 2009.

2. Bridgitte Hartley won the k1 500 mt and bronze in k1 1000 mt, to also achieve the highest rank of the World Cup Tour 2009.

3. Attila Vajda, one of the top paddlers in the world, proved all his class winning 2 golds in front of his home crowd.

4. Katalin Kovacs and Natasa Janics; this pair proved once more that are pretty unbeatable. Since they started in ‘05 they have not lost a race yet! Natasa still had time to join the K4 500 mt and to race the K1 200 mt, winning a total of 4 gold medals!

5. The Romanian C2 won the C2 500 mt, but C2 is a “pet-event” and with this we managed to win 3 golds in 6 possible with the World Cups in a event where just 2 years we did not have a single boat.

Now the European season will start, with 2 European Championships before heading out to Moscow and Halifax for the final races of 2009.