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Szeged and Duisburg

Tuesday, 08-Jun-10 07:32:41 UTC
Szeged and Duisburg

World Cup II and III took place in 2 of the best courses in the World, add to that 2 weeks of great weather, and you get great paddling conditions and high level of competition.

The Nelo Staff went for a 2 week tour following some of the best paddlers in the World, nice weather helps on the comunication between Nelo and the paddlers, in what is always a very enriching experience for our staff, as they can learn what really matters and what we can do keep improving.

Szeged putted on a great show as always with big crowds and great performances fom the locals. In our own analysis we took this notes:

1. Hungarian Girls Team won every single 500 mt event, all in Nelo.
2. The only Olympic event Hungary did not win in the girls was taken by Teresa Portela from Portugal, that took Portugal first gold medal in an Olympic event, in a World Cup.
3.Adam Van Koeverden took 2 golds and one silver, proving he is one of the most consistent paddlers ever. He won the 500 and the 5000, showing all his quality being able to adapt to these two diferent events.
4. Akos/Kammerer have won gold in Olympics twice before in the K4, now they teamed up in the K2 and did one of the fastest times ever, 3.10 over 1000 mt.
5. GB sprinters Ed Mckeever in the K1 and Heath/Schofield in the K2, putted out very strong performances to have solid wins in the new Olympic events, that is already “creating” new starts for the sport.
6. Nelo won 20 out of 36 medals in the Olympic events.
7. The 5 km was one of the most exciting races of the weekend, with a lot of fighting what brough a lot of entertainment to the spectators and some work for us!.

Duisburg has a long tradition in Canoe Sprint, the investment made in the return channel made it a even better course where all the paddlers enjoy paddling. The weather was better than what it normally is in the Summer!

Hard, hot long days of racing were worth to than see the results on the water:

1. Max Hoff confirmed he is the man of the moment in the 1000 mt, staying unbeatable since 2008 Olympics.
2. Ronald Rauhe also confirmed his status of the best sprinter in the World winning the K1 200, and doing an unbelievable last leg to win the 4x 200 relay, and Ed McKeever took Bronze after his win in Szeged.
3. Rachel Cawthorne GBR has been improving year after year, and in Duisburg she showed she is not gonna stop improving, winning the 500/1000 and also getting a bronze in the 200 mt.
4. Liam Heath and John Schofield won the K2 200mt, with a gap not normally seen at this level, bronze for the Nielsen brothers that repeated the result from Vichy.
5.Germany stayed on top of the C2, even with a change of crew, with Azerbeijan collecting a silver in 1000 and Gold in 500 mt, Lituania won the C2 200, giving Nelo all the gold medals in this discipline.
6. Australia K4 Men took silver in their first international appearance with this crew, after Czech, Russia, France it was now time for Australia to place our k4’s in the top end.
7. Ken Wallace after a slow start of the season was able to close the weekend with an impressive paddle in the K1 500mt to win over a very strong field.
8. Tim Brabants is back, and he proved he will be back on track sooner than most would expect, making both finals and finishing 4th in the 1000 mt.

Another positive note goes to the ICF and their work being done in the pictures (Very good work from Balint Vekassi) and video, making our sport more atractive and interesting , good job!

The balance of this first part of the could not be better for us, the work is being done and preparations for the new Olympic Challenges are on the way.