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Szeged 2011

Sunday, 28-Aug-11 21:15:17 UTC
Szeged 2011

Hungary is world recognized by their passion for this sport, no other country can get these crowds and followers, but it is also true they organize like no one else, with care for details, professionalism and above all excellence! So our first words must go to the organizers, officials and volunteers that made it all possible.

These Worlds were all about qualification, what in our opinion takes some shine to the event, make it more stressful and where the aims change from medals to spots, and teams suffer the judgment of the very strict rules.

We got our setup ready on friday, and with a staff of 9 , a truck, over 250sqm of sheltered tent and a lot of gadgets we were ready to serve over 300 boats in 1 week, to sell over 150 boats, and to help in the logistics of the Test Event in London in just a couple of weeks.

Our exposition area had some great things, showing the future of Kayaks and Canoes is that they will be much more than just boats. Boats that can make training more interesting, more fun and more accurate, now time to make some of them real!

On the sport side of things, our mission was to help the teams and athletes achieve their main target qualify and by having 70% of the qualified we feel our job was done, if in the process we won 20 medals of 36 in Olympic events, even better!

At the same time the models for London 2012 had to be approved by the ICF in this competition, all our new models went trough boat control and passed without any issues, but for us it was even more important to have the athletes approval:

1. All the models and sizes of the Quattro qualified for the Games, from the full range of K1’s, K2’s, C1 and C2’s.

2. More than 80% of the Nelo K1’s qualified were already the new Quattro models, including 4 medals out of 6 in the men’s classes.

3. In the C1 events, even tough we qualified boats from all ranges V1, V2 and V3, it was the Quattro that got 3 spots making it the most popular.

Full results at and cool pictures at

Now time to get the Quattro a little bit all over the world! The interest has been overwhelming, even managing to crash our website!