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Sprint World Championships | Poznan 2010

Monday, 23-Aug-10 21:22:51 UTC
Sprint World Championships | Poznan 2010

Poznan has one of the best venues in the world, with the course fully integrated in the city, and if it wasn’t for some days of very hard conditions and the lack of returning channel, this would be the best race course in the World.

The Organizing Committee is a well trained team that only this month organized 3 international events, in 3 consecutive weeks, very impressive!

Racing wise, the first day was marked dramatically by the extremely rough conditions, that got a lot of the paddlers into a lot of problems, causing some major upsets, the other 3 days were exactly the opposite with some of the best water seen all year, giving the athletes a chance to perform at their very best.

Seeing our sport Live on TV and having real time results is also great, and for sure the way to go for the future, as usual we will just make some note to the more impressive facts and or performances:

1. Hungarian Girls K2 and K4 500, after doing it in 09 they did it again winning both Olympic events with a good margin, other medallists in this events the K2 from Russia taking Silver ( Sergeeva that had an amazing year after winning 2 gold medals in the U23), and the home nation taking Bronze in the K4.

2. France Kayak Men Team - A solid performance in all events, from K1, K2 and K4. Winning 2 gold’s and reaching 4 of the 5 possible finals.

3. K4 1000 - France took gold in one of the most competitive events in the schedule, in a final with 5 Nelo K4’s lining up with the 3 Vanquish models represented, it was on for 2 of them to win medal, gold for France and bronze for the Czech.

4. K1 1000 Mt, the blue ribbon event, did not disappoint, a great race with Dr. Tim Brabants bouncing back from his year off to 2nd place, and Max Hoff showing he is the men of the moment reacting well to the pressure putted on him in the last 250. There were 8 Nelo Vanquishes lining up in this final.

5. K2 200 - 8 Nelo K2’s lined up for this final, where France, Spain and Great Britain, crossed the finishing in a line, taking some time before it was possible to see who won, what a race! 3 Nelo K2’s on the podium!

6. K1 200 - 7 Nelo K1’s started in this exciting final where Ed McKeever showed his best winning in front of Ronald Rauhe. Ed showed not only his great moment but also his new good looking boat!

7. C1 1000 mt - Great to see Attila Vajda back on track after a hard year for him, with a close finish Attila took Silver. Nelo had 3 canoes in this final.

8. C2 1000 mt - was in some way similar to the C1 race with the reigning Olympic Champions coming 2nd, their best performance since 2008, showing they are back on track for 2012.

9. C1 200 - 4 medals were awarded in this race, and 3 were for Nelo C1’s, silver for the French youngster Simart, and Bronze for Cheban Ukraine and Dalton from Canada.

10. Young girls - both Teresa Portela 23 and Rachel Cawthorn 21 showed this weekend they are slowly moving into the world’s best.

11. 5 Km, 3 gold’s out of 3 in these events, showing our boats can also go fast in the turns grin.

12. 5 - Non Olympic Events - Kayak - 12 out of 15 medals, special note for the full podium on the former Olympic event K1 500 with A Gustafsson taking gold, and to Portugal that reached Silver in the K2 500.

Keeping our boats winning 20 medals out of 36 year after year, is for us an extra motivation and proof that the hard work and commitment to our principles pays off, in the last 2 years many things changed the athletes, the events, the venues and even our models, and for us to be able to deal with all that without loosing the trust of our paddlers is great!

Now time for the Nelo Summer Challenge, check in for full reports, videos and more