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Singapore Canoe Marathon Worlds - Race Report

Tuesday, 25-Oct-11 09:53:16 UTC
Singapore Canoe Marathon Worlds - Race Report

An ambitious logistic operation brought us some bad surprises to start these Worlds, and for sure made us think our Sport logisitics is one of the biggest challenges for it’s growth. In the end the cooperation of all, something typical in Marathon Canoeing, made it possible for all the teams to have boats to compete on.

Singapore turned out be an awesome location, but the heat and humidity marked the championships for many of the athletes as they could not recover easily from the efforts made in the early stages.

As always the Masters deserve all our respect, those brave paddlers that pay eveything themselves, most of the times much more than they should, compete in inappropriate schedules and still they enjoy it more than anyone else. They were the first competing this week, and gave all the paddlers a lesson on being hard!

The Junior fields struggled with numbers with many teams not bringing big teams, still the level in the front of the field was pretty high, with some of the sprint stars from Brandenburg coming over to claim some medals. For Nelo could not be better by winning all events in the Junior classes, with the Quattro winning the K1 M, K1 W, C2 and K2 W, not bad considering they were only presented 2 months ago!

U23 was a bit like the Juniors good level but not big numbers, great racing with many of these athletes showing they could easily compete in the Open race, what would probably make the Open race even more interesting….

Opens saw some exciting racing and hot racing!

In the singles canoe Attila Vajda gave it a good go and was leading for almost 3 laps but the heat took the best of him, but as a brave paddler he still paddled all the way to the finish in both C1 and C2 race.

In K1 Ladies Renata Csay took off in the first portage never to be followed winning with a comfortable margin on what was her 9th World Title, but than next day she won the K2 as well making it 10!

K1 Race with 4 World Champions, 1 Olympic Medalist, 1 European Champion and many others put these K1 field as one of the best in the past few years, what a race! Hank McGregor (Kayak Center) took the gold in an impressive race that saw Manuel Busto retiring for the first time in 11 years (struggling with the heat), also Ben Brown had an under par race in Singapore, the other World Champion Shaun Rubenstein ended up in the front group sprint taking 4th place, Ben Fouhy paddled very well but struggling in the portages and coming back every single time took the best of him towards the end, as well as to the European Champion Leonel Ramalho that could not push trough the heat in Singapore. 4 Quattros in the top 10, a good start grin!

K2 Men after watching the K1 Men it was visible all the k2’s were not going to take any risks and save as much energy as they could, and not endanger their racing so it was all about tactics, and the reigning World Champions executed it to perfection pushing hard only in the last portage taking away from the field and winning isolated. Nelo took all 3 medals in this event.

It is hard for us to describe the feeling at the end of these Championships, as we normally like to see the good side of the events, it is hard to go away from bad scheduling, poor athletes area, no boats racks, no livestream until the last day and motor boats interfering with the results, to mention only the more visible ones, for sure something that the responsible persons should analyze and improve for the future.

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Now on our way to Mexico for the Pan Am Games and Olympic Continental Qualifier.