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Race Report Rome

Wednesday, 26-Sep-12 12:54:37 UTC
Race Report Rome

Canoe Marathon presented in Rome the 2012 Worlds, after a long season we were still up to give a hand in fitting pumps, drilling holes in brand new boats, placing handles and adjusting rudders!

After a hard year in Singapore struggling with logisitcs we got it right this time and everything worked out, having all the tools and equipment we required.

As usual the week started with the Masters (not easy to understand why they must compete during the week and not the weekend before) it is great to see how competitive and exciting it became, we are happy to support and help them achieve their aims, that go from winning to just finishing.

The Juniors and U23 classes in Marathon are still used by many as a learning process and a way of complementing their sprint preparations, not meaning the level is not high that it is!

On to the weekend to the open classes and there Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Italy and SA took over and won most of the medals. On the bigger classes it was visible that a steep ramp and 2 90º turns during portages should not be the way forward, and yes there was a lot of boat damage coming out of that portage.

Stats were great with the Quattro Kayaks winning EVERY single GOLD medal in the Open classes (Renata Csay Quattro M; Ivan Alonso Quattro L; Csay/Farkasdi Quattro M and Merchan/Alonso Quattro XXL) also all the other medals were won by Nelo on 12 of 12 medals in Kayaks.

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