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Race Report Pan American championships

Thursday, 11-Sep-14 18:19:27 UTC
Race Report Pan American championships

Pan American Games will take place next year in Toronto in what is one of the biggest multi sport events in the world and where canoeing plays an important role.

This week took place in Mexico the qualifier for those Games as well as the Pan Am Championships.

Our presence was just a follow up of a continued support to the Games since 2007 in Rio and Guadalajara 2011 and of course now heading to Toronto 2015.

Being a qualifier and a bit off season, one would expect the teams to take the racing a bit easier but in fact as soon the gun went we were able to assist to some great racing.

We were happy to see that 95% of the boats competing at this Championships were ours what give us a great boost of confidence for the work to be done in the Americas in the coming years.

Now time to turn out eyes to Slalom Worlds!