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Ostroda ECA Marathon

Tuesday, 28-Jul-09 18:11:15 UTC
Ostroda ECA Marathon
Drilling brand new boats, placing aluminium handles, installing water pumps... what a change of scenario compared to the sprint races we normally attend. Marathon is without a doubt a class of its own. This time it took us to Ostroda in North Poland, a nice location that reflected the effort of the locals in welcoming their visitors.

7 Laps of around 4, 1 Km and an extremely demanding portage that most athletes will remember for a long time!

Hungary and Spain are the leading countries in the marathon canoeing, at the same time they are some of the “hardest” customers we have, defying us to be better and to improve. Well they sure know what they are talking about, as exception made to the C1, where the host country Poland won, they took all the gold medals that were at stake in the Junior and U23 races.

In the seniors it was not much different with the usual stars Busto in K1 and Merchan/Fiuza in K2 taking both gold’s to Spain and the multi champion Renata Csay from Hungary won Ladies K1. The surprise on kayak of the weekend came from Portugal taking the silver in the K1 Men.
In C1 Mathieu Beugnet was World Champion in 2001 as a junior, well now he’s back for the senior title, for now he took the European.

We are getting used to win all the gold medals, well we missed it on the C2’s, but we won a bronze on the junior race with a new Vanquish III M. So that served as motivation to keep on working to make this boat even more popular

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Moscow is the next stop Junior World Championships, see you there