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Olympic Games 2012 Report

Wednesday, 15-Aug-12 20:07:24 UTC
Olympic Games 2012 Report

London lived up to the expectation and saw a well organized event, but above all fierce competition with 16 countries getting medals in Canoe Sprint.

As Nelo we were in our 3rd Games as Official Suppliers and once more we were committed into doing the best possible service, and making the athletes life as easy as possible. By having 75% of the boats competing we really felt there was no time for mistakes and got our “A Team” 4 weeks before the event reviewing and checking over 150 boats.

Dealing with the best paddlers in the World is our passion, we had only one member of our staff that has not been a competitive paddler himself, but even him shares the same passion. We care about their boats, their parts, and even created a small waiting lounge for them to relax while waiting for their equipment to be fine tuned.

Our commitment could not have been better compensated, by seeing those amazing paddlers trusting our work and focusing on their mission of doing in London the race of their lives, unfortunately not all achieved that, and there was joy but also disappointment, but from all we felt the recognition and care.

Result wise, the cold facts turned out to be an average of 6 boats in every final (8 boats total) and 25 medals in 36 possible meaning 70% of the medals! A number never achieved before by any boat builder.

We could not be more proud of our work, but in the end it is all about the paddlers their work and their effort day in day out, we are just happy to be a part of it.

To name the winners and every 25 medals would be a long boring duplication of all what canoeing fans have seen during last week, but once more we reinforce some of the facts:

1. 10 out of 12 medals in K1

2. Full final in K1 and K2 200 Men

3. Full podium in the K4 Men

4. Full podium in both 1000 and 200 K1 Men

5.First ever medal for Portuguese Canoeing (K2 1000 Silver) in Olympic Games, first ever Medal for South Africa Canoeing (K1 W 500)  in Olympic Games

6. 8 of 9 Kayak Gold medals


8. David Cal became the best Spanish Olympian of all times collecting is 5th medal. (C1 1000)


Check for full results and videos of all these regattas.

The numbers are inspiring and from sunday we have started working for Rio 2016, improving where we can and reinforcing our strengths!

Special note also to our first gold in Slalom that spiced things up for us in that new challenge of being a reference in the Canoe Slalom as well as in the Canoe Sprint.

Now time to relax and welcome in Portugal the best Surf Ski paddlers in the World for the Nelo Summer Challenge 2012, while at the same time we will have the Meeting of Champions with many of the Canoe Sprint paddlers that helped us in the last few years coming over to Portugal to celebrate our successes!