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NWC 2012 | Day 1 Report

Saturday, 03-Mar-12 23:00:17 UTC
NWC 2012 | Day 1 Report

Montemor welcomed over 20 nations and 600 athletes to the Winter Challenge, unfortunately the event lived up to its name presenting itself with a windy and rainy day, still the athletes were able to achieve some impressive results.

Today the races were over 2000 mt on a straight line into a solid headwind.

In the men’s race Fernando Pimenta POR (8th in Szeged K1 1000 mt) won with 7,43 (3,45 for first 1000) in front of Emanuel Silva POR with 7,54 and Ilya Medveded RUS ( 3rd in Szeged K4 1000 mt) in 3rd with 7,58. Special note to the first Junior from NOR that was 10th overall with an impressive 8.06.

“It was a hard grind into the wind, and being the first race of the season is always hard to know where you are, but in the end it was a good one!” said Pimenta.

In the C1 race it was also the winner from last year Romain Beugnet FRA winning by the minimum margin in front of Attila Vajda (Olympic Champion) in 9,12 with Attila only 0,6 sec behind, 3 rd place for another French Mathieu Beugnet in 9,15.

The girls race saw a great field in a close race with the top 7 all within 10 seconds difference, Natasa Douchev Janic HUN (triple Olympic Champion) took the win with 9,17 0,5 sec in front of Teresa Portela POR ( 3rd Belgrad K1 200) with 3rd place for another Portuguese Beatriz Gomes (Marathon World Champion 2009) just 1,5 behind the winner.

“I was not expecting to win, it was not a great feeling out there, but happy i managed to get this win” said Natasa

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