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New Website

Tuesday, 27-Jan-09 00:04:54 UTC
New Website

Our brand new site is up and running.

After a lot of research we finally found a way to make it easy to navigate over more than 50 models, with various specifications, allowing you to find the information in a easy and intuitive way.

The Website has been a major link of communication with our customers that we hope will be reinforced with this user-friendly website, we have plans to make it even more interactive and continuously updated.

As main images of the new site we want to have our latest achievements, innovations and breakthroughs, for that we will have a dynamic entry page where those headlines will be placed. For all what they achieved in 2008, the Olympic Champions from Beijing took over the entry page for the time being.

Browse through the site and find out more about the boats and the company and at the same time make sure you keep visiting us as much more is coming your way!!