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New K4s Online

Friday, 27-Nov-09 18:20:25 UTC
New K4s Online

The K4 was the first boat to win a gold medal for Nelo, in Sidney 2000 the German team paddled to gold in a Nelo K4 since then, we have won a total of 7 medals.

The development of a K4 is a very complex process, specially because:

a) The feedback is harder and more spread, as at least 4 persons have to give an opinion about the same boat at the same time.
b) There are many variables that can affect performance more than the shape of the boat itself, such as timing, rythm and glide.

Taking that into account we started an individual process for the Vanquish III K4’s after some up’s and down’s and a lot of experimenting we have reached a final boat that leaves us very satisfied and sure it will be a big success in the next couple of years.

The main diference from the Vanquish II to this new model is that the new model is more stable and more comfortable, as the sizing of the cockpit and paddle entry have been reviewed.