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NELO Winter Challenge 2012

Tuesday, 28-Feb-12 21:19:14 UTC
NELO Winter Challenge 2012

Just as we witnessed the euphoria and excitement Sunday at the Annual Academy awards, brace yourself for even more!

We are less than a week away from the 2012 NELO Winter Challenge, and on our list of “nominations” include more than 600 participants from 20 different countries. Organizers (that´s us) are certainly sparing no efforts in preparing the arena at Montemor-O-Velho for extreme levels of competition. Why? Because unlike traditional races where a maximum of 2 competitors per country are allowed, we expect as many as 30 participants from each country vying for the honour of being the country´s best, and ultimately the best in their class. After all, it´s not just pride and glory involved, but more than 7000 euros worth of NELO shop vouchers, paddles from Bracsa and Jantex, and the ultimate prize-a brand new NELO boat being presented to the overall winner for the weekend.
For those at home, tune in to our live broadcast from wherever you are in the world here to witness the action for yourself. Also, results will be posted and updated real time on the NELO website so nobody has to worry about being left out on the action.

So gear up, brace up and see you this weekend!

For participants:
Competition Guide (for athletes and managers)
Start List

More info at the Portuguese Canoe Federation official site and owr own dedicated page.