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Nelo SurfSki - New Ocean Ski XXL

Friday, 06-Aug-10 15:27:29 UTC
Nelo SurfSki - New Ocean Ski XXL

The release of the XXL closes our first line of Surf Ski’s, the evolution has been part of this process, and we have gone a long way from the prototypes presented in Dubai last year.

Besides the obvious improvements in the shape, we have incorporated, better and more complex footrests, tractions pads, rudders sytems and soon covers as well.

The XXL aims to be an option for the heavier and taller paddlers, but also to all those that paddle often in big swells and rough conditions, both will benefit from the comfort the extra volume conceeds.

The XXL will be one more option among the rental possibilities during the Nelo Summer Challenge later this month, in what will be a great oportunity to test it in all conditions.

Ocean Ski XXL