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Nelo Paracanoe

Sunday, 10-Apr-11 17:54:00 UTC
Nelo Paracanoe

Nelo has been a pionner promoting ergonomic solutions for our boats, and even creating model ranges to fit the athletes perfectly, so the Paracanoe was a challenge we embraced.

From the start the aim has been to be close to the paddlers and coaches and understand their challenges and needs, and then introducing solutions in the boats that will allow them in the future to feel more comfortable and in the end paddle faster.

The Viper 55 is a fast, yet stable Fitness Kayak. It can be used in flat or wavy conditions, and for cool paddles as for winter training for sprint paddlers in more bumpy waters. This wide range of applications makes it perfect for Paracanoe, as the athletes depending on their level will find an easy way to take the best out of this boat. For those that are being introduced to the sport just now, the Viper 60 also presents itself as a good option as it will allow them to have more confidence as they develop their skills

The line of fittings is being created and will not stop here. We hope that this page will turn out to be a meeting point and a start point for the continuous development of those fittings and specs that will allow this discipline of our Sport to spread and be one more option for many disabled athletes.

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