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Moscow - European Junior & U23 Canoe Sprint Champiomships

Monday, 02-Aug-10 11:31:23 UTC
Moscow - European Junior & U23 Canoe Sprint Champiomships

Moscow celebrating 30 years of the Olympic Games Moscow 1980, welcomed the sprint event with more competitors in the World of Canoeing. The course has to be one of the nicest in the world, with great stands, wonderful water plan and a lot of area for all the teams and athletes.

We and some teams faced some problems with customs, as they made our logistics a nightmare, leaving us at just 50% of our normal service capacity, in the end with some extra effort and the comprehension of the teams, it all ended up going just fine.

The results at this level, should be red as a step up in the process of development of the athletes, and as good indicators of what they could do later in their careers, still some of the U23 and Junior performances and athletes are already established athletes in the open level, these combination of factors creates in this regatta a unique environment and racing spirit.

Saying that, it is only fair to name some of the more outstanding performances achieved in our kayaks over the weekend:

1.Anastasia Sergeeva - RUS won both Olympic Events in the U23 ladies, K1 200 and K1 500, with the 3 top spots in both events in Nelo boats

2.Alexander Dyachenko - RUS took gold in both K1 and K2 200, with Carlos Garrote from Spain taking Bronze in the K1 200 and than Silver in the K2 200 mt, in both races Nelo had all the places in the Podium.

3.In the 4 K4 events all the golds were achieved in Nelo with Russia winning the Girls and Men Junior, Poland taking the U23 girls and Italy taking the U23 men.

4. In the K1 Men over 200 mt, in both Junior and U23 Nelo took a clean sweep of the Podium, and in the Girls (Junior and U23 K1) only one medal was not in Nelo, proving the potential of performance of our designs, specially when pushed to the limit as they are in the 200 mt, with 11 out of 12 medals.

5. Gold medal from the Junior crew from Romania in the C2 1000, first gold medal for the Nelo Canoes at Junior level.

Preparations have started for Poznan, the big event of the Summer, starting on the 19th of this month, see you all there!