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Molded Bulkheads

Friday, 06-Feb-09 14:38:26 UTC
Molded Bulkheads

As more and more customers request the Vipers equipped with bulkheads and hatches, we adapted the Vipers as we have done before with all our sea kayaks. We have started applying molded bulkheads instead of the traditional plates.

The molded bulkheads will fulfill their task much more efficiently than the previous solutions, mainly because they have a wider gluing area, what makes them 100% watertight working at the same time as a reinforcement for the aft deck.

The growth in the number of Vipers with hatches and bulkheads is related first to the fact that more and more users take the Viper for day trips, where they need a dry place for a change of clothes and some food, on the other hand the sea kayak racing regulations state the mandatory use of bulkheads.