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Malta kayaker leaves our Training Center

Sunday, 03-May-09 19:24:50 UTC
Malta kayaker leaves our Training Center

Christopher Camilleri, the best Maltese kayaker, spent 2 weeks in Cinfães preparing for the Mediterranean Games.
It was an honour for us to have him around. He’s been competing for only 5 years, but it’s amazing to see how dedicated he is to this sport…

Once he got to Portugal, his reaction was this:

“On Monday 20th April i came to Portugal for the first time ever and guess what??? It’s AWESOME!!! The people over here are so nice. Everyone is willing to help and thank God for that!!! “

He was also invited to visit our factory and this is what he wrote about his experience:

“I just could not contain myself. I was like a child on Christmas morning! Seein all those craftsmen preparing and finishing kayaks, and André running amidst everyone as if he was directing an orchestra!!!“

It’s very rewarding when we read nice things about our services and our work. Thank you Chris!

You can check Chris’ preparation for the Mediterranean Games on his blog