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Kayaksurf World Championship

Saturday, 08-Aug-09 13:35:17 UTC
Kayaksurf World Championship

The Kayaksurf World Championship and Portuguese Championship took place at Santa Cruz Ocean Spirit ’09 – Wave Sports and Music Festival, from July 24 to August 2.

This amazing event featured an impressive array of wave sports like surf, wave ski, kayaksurf, kitesurf and many others. The competitions went on during the day and great concerts filled in for the night. Entertainment was assured for everyone all day long!

The kayaksurf competition featured boats from Watertech, which are manufactured by M.A.R. Kayaks.

Main results (Watertech boats in bold):


1- David Speller (Jersey and the Channel Islands)
  2- Edu Etxeberria (Basque Country) - Watertech ONA
  3- Nathan Eades (Wales)
4- James Hawker (England)


1- Urko Otxoa (Basque Country)
  2- Dessie McGlinchey (Northern Ireland)
  3- Jonny Bingham (Northern Ireland)
  4- James Hawker (England)


1- Ainhoa Tolosa (Basque Country) - Watertech 666
  2- Alisa McDougall (Jersey)
  3- Lindsay Usher (USA East)
4- Rhiannon Woodman (Wales)


1- Adam Harvey (Jersey)
  2- Corin King (Northern Ireland)
  3- Jordan Thomas (Wales)
  4- Miguel Carvalho (Portugal) - Watertech Lucifer