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K1 Quattro Classic

Sunday, 25-Mar-12 18:29:35 UTC
K1 Quattro Classic

Evolution in kayaking skills is not always a straight line, so Nelo has within its range Kayaks for all levels of expertise and uses.

The Classic concept came from the need to fill the gap between the more stable racing K1s (Vintage) and the fitness boats (Vipers).

The Classic became very popular to former paddlers that still want to have a K1 but can no longer enjoy paddling a racing K1 and don’t wish to paddle a fitness boat, but also to the late starters into the sport that can do a smoother passage from the fitness boats into the racing boats.

The 2012 Classic has as improvements:
- New Quattro look
- “one piece” construction
- Slimmer rim for more comfort in the hip area
- Decrease in volume in the back, decreasing drag and improving performance
- Volume added in the feet area to keep same level of stability and balance of the trim.

The K1 Quattro Classic