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Junior Worlds

Tuesday, 04-Aug-09 23:43:55 UTC
Junior Worlds

The Moscow course is a Winner! Clean water, narrow, return channel and good infrastructures, even if it’s not well mantained, it’s one of the best in the World. The Venue is impressive and taking into account it was made for 1980 Olympics is even more impressive.
The Junior Worlds is a different event with different athletes, different coaches and a different atmosphere, coming from the fact that for most of the participants this is their first international experience, and for some the only one.
Well that means when we follow the races we are always being surprised with athletes we didn’t know yet, gladly they did not surprise with their boat options, with their options being very clear.
In the Kayak events we lost only 2 races, in the K1 races we took all the gold’s and had a full podium on the K1 1000 mt.
In the Canoes, we also showed a big improvement, winning 2 medals in the C2 and 2 in the C1.
To name the individuals can be once more very extense, and at the same time for most of you meaningless as they would be only names, still in our usual style I would like to give a special note to those that in our boats shined the most in Moscow:
1.  Hungarian Team, they won 7 Gold medals, showing they are the strongest kayaking nation in the world, winning some of the main events individually as the K1 M 500 and the C1 1000, but also both K4’s 500 among others.
2.  Joana Vasconcelos, the Portuguese was the most successful individual athlete of the championship winning gold in K1 500 and silver in the K1 1000, for us her being Portuguese makes us even more proud.
3.  Francisco Cubellos, after 2 medals in the EC, the young Spanish (17) was able to retain his 1000 mt title and squeeze in for bronze in the K1 500 in a very close race.
4.  K4 Russia winning at home is always good; to win one of the most emblematic races for the big teams as the K4 1000 is a great achievement and a proof that Russia is finding its way back to the top of our Sport.

The fact that the Russian President attended an afternoon of racing is a proof of their commitment on recovering their former status as a top nation in canoeing. Already next year we will be back to Moscow for the EC Juniors and U 23.
Now all the attentions are in Dartmouth, NS Canada, a small city that will be the centre of the “Canoeing Planet”.