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International Children’s Day 2012

Monday, 04-Jun-12 20:45:41 UTC
International Children’s Day 2012

For this year’s International Children’s Day Nelo associated itself with a local canoeing club and an organization for the support of the handicapped in an initiative to establish and promote Paracanoeing in the community.

Plaque MADI has in its mission to dignify people with a mental handicap and provide them with a full citizenship. With more than 30 years of activity, MADI has been regarded as an example in working with these kids and integrating them socially.

Nelo offered a Viper 55 adapted for Paracanoeing to the Clube Fluvial Vilacondense, one of Vila do Conde’s canoeing clubs that has a very well regarded canoeing school.
The boat will be a the disposal of MADI to, with the help of the club’s coaches, initiate the kids in the canoeing world and make them athletes and, maybe, future champions!

The event took place on the boat’s new house, with representatives from all the entities and some of the future athletes that had the change of unpacking the specially decorated Viper.
Everyone was highly enthusiastic and can’t wait to begin paddling.