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Guadalajara Pan Am - Race Report

Tuesday, 01-Nov-11 15:05:29 UTC
Guadalajara Pan Am - Race Report

Olympic qualification phase 2 has started amd after Asia it was time for America, but the Pan Am are much more than that. It is an event at Olympic scale with thousands of athletes from every kind of sport, battling for medals and recognition.

Guadalajara was the host for 2011, Canoeing took place a bit south in a small city called Ciudad Guzman, the course was brand new with all the facilities required for an event at this scale.

Funny enough there were big local crowds cheering for Mexico!

Competition wise the stress was high, and the main focus was Olympic Qualification so probably not a coincidence that only gold meant a spot in the Olympics in mosts events. It would come as a surprise for all non americans the level of competition in this event, and how well some not well known yet athletes perform at this level.

There were 10 Olympic Spots and according to the ICF criteria the spots shall be distributed in this way:

K1 1000 CUBA
K1 200 USA (Bronze behind Ecuador qualified from Worlds and Argentina qualified in K2)
K2 1000 CANADA
K2 200 ARGENTINA (behind Canada already qulaified in k2 1000)

K1 W 500 USA
K1 W 200 CUBA
K2 W 500 CUBA

C1 1000 MEXICO
C2 1000 BRASIL ( behind Cuba qualified from Worlds)

Cuba did great qualifying 4 athletes being the most successful nation in this Games, as they won also the Men’s K4 1000 for a total of 5 out of 12 golds. (Canada 4 Mexico 1 Ecuador 1 USA 1).

For Nelo was a great week of work seeing the 10 spots being earned by Nelo users, also we took the chance to start planning the Olympic season with many of the present teams, now back to Portugal to do some home work!