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European Championship 2014 Report

Monday, 14-Jul-14 11:12:19 UTC
European Championship 2014 Report

European Champs are always an exciting race with the teams trialing their crews for the bigger events to come, but still with such prestigious medals to be taken, no one is able to take it too lightly.

In the boat prep is pretty much the same , as the the Worlds approach the teams want to make sure their equipment is all set, but they still want to do well!

Weather conditions were very challenging and even extreme for the first 2 days, and than settled for the last day.

To name all the extraordinary performances of the weekend would be a very very very long text, as just in Olympic events we got 27 medals of the 36 possible, in what was a solid stat.

But we leave you some quick facts and performances that are worth remembering and even revisit:

1. Hungarian Ladies Team that won 4 of the 4 gold medals in Olympic events, with Danuta Kozak (K1 Quattro M) wining both K1s and taking part also in the K4 gold, Gabriela Szabo and Tamara Csipes won the K2 500, to this we must add that ALL the medals in Olympic events for girls were in Nelo.

2. In the 200 mt event only one medal was not in Nelo Kayaks or Canoes, with 11 out of 12, impressive Serbian Marko (K1 Quattro XXL) Ed Mckeever (K1 Quattro L) Yuri Postrigay (K1 Quattro L), Danuta Kozak (K1 Quattro M) Elena Terekhova (K1 Quattro M) Teresa Portela (K1 Quattro M) , Rauhe/Liebscher (K2 Quattro XXL), Postrigay/Dyachenko (K2 Quattro L) Lankas/Ramanauskas (K2 Quattro XXL) , and in the C1 events Alfonso Benavides (C1 V3 2 H) and Helder Silva (C1 Cinco L) took Silver and Bronze.

3. Czech K4 that renewed their title with a solid performance proving they are back on their A game!

4. Rene Poulsen that came home with 3 silver medals, consistent performances.

5. Czech C2 that even struggling with conditions on Friday managed to come back on saturday to get yet another medal.

6. K2 1000 some of the faster times of all times being achieved, Hybois/Hubert (K2 Quattro L) and Tarr/Vlcek (K2 Quattro XXL) joined Germany in the sub 3,08 podium!

7. Martin Fuksa that was one of the victims of the side wind on saturday, came home to an amazing performance on the C1 500 winning the first senior top level gold medal for the Cinco!

8. Tom Liebscher just did one of the most spetacular K1 500 meters ever seen, for sure worth to watch the video again and again.

9. Max Hoff , Rene Poulsen, Fernando Pimenta and Daniel Pauman closed the Europeans with an entertaining ,exciting and fast race, with Max taking the gold for Germany!

Now time for a road trip to Szeged to meet the future of our Sport in the Jun U23 World Champs!