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European Canoe Sprint Championships | Trasona 2010

Thursday, 08-Jul-10 12:03:05 UTC
European Canoe Sprint Championships | Trasona 2010

Europeans in Canoe Sprint, has always been a hard race, but with the expenses restrictions some of the teams are facing, only the very best athletes had a chance to race in Trasona, making the numbers and level look like a small Olympics.

The course was ready, even tough there were some restrictions on the athletes area, in the end with a bit of improvising it all turned out ok.

The new Olympic events, are now fully in the head of athletes and coaches, and it is visible that the level has raised in the new events and that they are more and more the center of all attentions, specially with Olympic Qualification of 2011 arriving fast.

On the sport side of things, and always giving our special remarks, and not a full report of the results:

1. Max Hoff renewed his title and he’s unbeaten since the 2008 Olympics in the K1 1000 mt. 7 Nelo K1’s lined up for this final.

2. Ed Mckeever took his first international title in K1, beating Ronald Rauhe, on a great duel, that will for sure not end here. 8 Nelo K1’s lined up in this final.

3. Nataja Janic took the K1 200 mt on a close race, with the first 2 from Canada repeating their duel, with the former European Champion Teresa Portela taking 3rd place.

4. Danuta Kozak from Hungary World Junior Champion in 03 and 05, took a jump into the K1 scene winning her first individual title on the K1 500 mt.

5. Kovacs/Janic, showed once more why they are the reigning Olympic Champions and why it is so hard to beat them, taking 2 out of 2 golds in the K2 500/K2 200.

6. C2 1000 mt saw the team from Azerbeijan, 2nd at last year Worlds taking over the field and winning their first gold medal in a major championship.

7. K2 200 mt, saw another incredible performance by the GB sprinters Heath/Schofield fired away from the start, with the spanish Olympic Champions closing in for 2nd. 8 Nelo K2’s lined up for this final.

7. Hungary/Spain and Poland have been for very long fighting for the top of the K4 500 with Nelo’s, this time Poland was left out of the medals with Hungary getting 2nd and Spain 3rd.

8.Olympic and World Champions in various disciplines Vereckei/Kammerer could not repeat their victory from Szeged taking 2nd place, in front of the reigning World Champions Merchan/Cosgaya.

9. C1 1000 mt, Mathieu Goubel took yet another silver medal something he’ll want to improve in August,  Pal Sarudi from Hungary ( replacing Attila Vajda injured) taking 3rd, showing that Hungary is a powerful nation in the sport, that can always cover all their slots with top performers.

10.Yuri Cheban from Ukraine, bronze medalist in Beijing, took silver in the C1 200 after a discreet 2009 Yuri is back in his top shape, a note for Thomas Simart the young french man repeated his 4th place from Canada.

11. 22 medals in comparison the the 20 from Beijing gives us the impression that we in the right track, and that the hard work is paying off.

Now time for some slalom (Foix Junior Worlds)  before hitting Moscow for the Junior and under 23 Europeans.