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EC Junior and <23 Report

Wednesday, 06-Jul-11 19:32:31 UTC
EC Junior and <23 Report

Over 100 medals, 4 days of 9 hours non stop racing, 216 races and 38 countries that is what Zagreb was all about!!

The venue is considered by many as one of the best courses in the world, it faces a bit of a problem with the grass but the organizers did their best to minimize it, but it was still there to make the athletes life harder.

There was hundreds of boats up and down the course everyday meaning our staff did not have one minute of rest, but helping these young kids fulfilling their dream of racing in the best possible boat and make them feel how important they are for us is a rewarding task that we love to do. Some of them are so passionate about Nelo that even we are caught by surprise!

One of the most curious and interesting points of these Championships is that you have a mix of some of the best paddlers in the World and some young athletes still giving their first steps in this sport internationally.

In terms of results it is pointless to name all the medals in our boat as they are over 50…..but as always there are some performances of individuals or teams that we like mentioning:

1. Czech Republic that won in the Junior with the K1 and K2 1000, and silver in the C1 200, thanks for your trust in our work, specially to Jozef Dostal, that these winter put us a challenge of making a boat that matched his size (he is a big big guy!), and as we had developed one for Rene Poulsen DEN earlier in winter we proposed him to be one of the first to use these model and it suited him to perfection.

2. Russian K4’s 2 silver 2 golds, Gold and Silver in the boys and Gold and Silver in the Girls!

3. Romenia Junior C2 1000 after gold last year they did again and again in Nelo.

4. 5 gold medals out of 6 possible in all the K2 races (Olympic events) U 23 1000 NOR U 23 200 RUS Jun 1000 CZE Jun 200 HUN U23 K2 500 W BLR

5. C1 200 Junior 2 medals, missed on gold, but we had Portugal getting Bronze as an extra joy for us.

6. K1 M 200 Sweden Erik Svensson took gold, followed by two more Nelo’s in one of the many Nelo full podiums.

Now time to prepare for Brandenburg where the youngsters will get ready to fight for some World Champion Medals, as for the U23 or at least to a big part of them there will be more action later in August in Szeged.