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Duisburg 2011 Race Report

Thursday, 02-Jun-11 08:27:48 UTC
Duisburg 2011 Race Report

Duisburg is a classic!

Every athlete loves racing here, the tunnel feeling, the charisma and the German loud speaker!

Being the third race in only 4 weeks, made our normal repair service a bit easier, but it was time to focus on special missions and in preparation of prototypes and some other special changes and projects.

Great opportunity to spend some quality time on the water with the athletes before, during and even after the race, the results could hardly be better, still work to be done but heading in the right direction.

But there was still a regatta going on! And what a race! Maybe not as hot as Racice but warmer than Poznan.

For us at this point it would be impossible to ask more or better results, we have been consistently way above our number from 2008, and above all we feel the steps we have taken in the last few months have taken us even further in front.

22 medals of 36 possible, 7 gold of 12 possible, are the numbers this time,  the depth in the number and quality of our paddlers that trust in us is enormous.

In these moments of preparation before the big events, instead of boring you with more results (big up to the ICF for the effort they are putting into the TV and live results) we would rather thank all those and in these 3 weeks of hard work had encouraging words of support for our service team that averaged 14 hours of hard work/day repairing over 500 boats and there were even some that went the next step and made that support public.

To all of you THANK YOU! and after recharging batteries we will be back full speed in Belgrad!