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Dubai Shamaal

Friday, 27-Nov-09 18:28:59 UTC
Dubai Shamaal

It is has in the imagination of the entire paddling community, to go to the richest race in the World.

Well we decided to take our first prototypes to race there, even being prototypes we felt the confidence from a handful of paddlers, among them some very famous such as Tim Brabants, Eirik Larsen, Renee Poulsen, Manuel Busto and Jose Ramalho, and other less famous but all keen of giving the skis a memorable start to this amazing world of surskiing.

This will be a golden opportunity for us to work in the final touches of the ski, hoping to present a model to the market in January 2010.

We also accepted the organizers challenge to be an active part of this great event, so we will be sponsors of the 3 Hotspots. The Hotspots are buoys placed around the course, the paddler that gets there first wins 1000 USD prize, there will be 3 placed down the course.

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