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Confederation of African Canoeing 4 year Sponsorship deal

Thursday, 04-Nov-10 17:33:07 UTC
Confederation of African Canoeing 4 year Sponsorship deal

Press Release
23rd October 2010

Confederation of African Canoeing (CAC)  have reached historic landmark   4 year sponsorship agreement with NELO Kayaks of Portugal to develop the Olympic Sports of Canoeing In Africa .

CAC is the continental body in charge of development and promotion of Olympic Sport of Canoeing in Africa with over 30 National Federation members representing over 20,000 paddlers in Africa .

NELO is the largest Kayak and Canoe Manufacturer in the World producing high quality Canoes and Kayaks for use from beginner to Elite levels athletes. NELO kayaks are regularly used in World Championships and Olympic Games.

This agreement will support development of Canoeing Sport in Africa in terms of Equipment support to member Federation of CAC who meet CAC standards for hosting of African Canoeing Championships or Continental Olympic Qualification   and do not have access to International Standard competition boats.

An initial consignment of 20 Competition Boats was shipped to Cote D’Ivoire Canoeing federation who hosted the 2009 African Canoeing Championships . (see video

A component of this agreement will be applied to forthcoming 10th All Africa Games in 2011 with equipment support to Mozambique National Canoe Federation , in addition NELO will provide Training,  Equipment and technological support to African Athletes participating in World Championships and Olympic games while developing boat building capacity in Africa, all under the technical supervision of the Portuguese Federation coaches and staff.

CAC will provide Brand and Image promotion to support development of NELO brand in Africa through its network and various events across Africa with support of its members and athletes . CAC will also arrange special Sports-Tourism and Environmental events across Africa for marketing purposes .

Signing ceremony took place on 2nd November 2010 in Portugal in the presence of President of CAC, Nelo Chairman and the President of the Portuguese Federation.