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2013 Canoe Sprint Worlds Race Report

Wednesday, 04-Sep-13 09:31:15 UTC
2013 Canoe Sprint Worlds Race Report

Post Olympic is normally referred as bit more relaxed and less stressful, that is not the feeling at all as the teams, coaches and athletes were ate top of their game on the weekend, we as Nelo did not wanna be any different so we took our A game and went trough over 200 boats, from repairs to trimming to fixing parts, a bit of everything.

Not familiar if it is common in other sports to have the Para Events together with the World Championships, but being or not common we are proud our sport took that option it is a sign of how universal and versatile our sport is, well done CANOEING!

From our point of view it was the most successful Worlds of all times, we got a total of 27 medals in 36 possible in Olympic events , from all the classes and countries came medals and great performances. We know we are just a small part of it but is an amazing experience when we get the recognition on a gift, on a post on a tweet or just in a thank you, that more than any gold medal makes us know we are on the right track!

Rio is just around the corner, so only time to keep the spirits high and keep working.