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Canoe Marathon Worlds

Monday, 29-Sep-14 12:50:14 UTC
Canoe Marathon Worlds

Canoe Marathon went to the USA this year, our marathon was the logistics operation of doing in the US what we usually do in Europe.

After all a big part of the paddlers relies on our service team for small repairs, last minute adjustments, handles, pumps and much more! This race was no different with the service team working non-stop, to only later enjoy the athletes perform at their best with the boat all set up to their wishes.

Marathon was the first discipline where Nelo collected medals back in the 80s so it is for us an emblematic discipline, and we try hard to keep on the edge of the development and adjustments, the past years we corrected and improved a lot of items with that intent.

Results could hardly be better as we missed only a couple of gold medals across the entire weekend! And got 85% of the medals!

Thank you to all those paddlers that in Oklahoma helped us getting better and congratulations to all those that achieved their goals, to the ones that didn’t: see you in Gyor!