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C1 Models

Tuesday, 10-Mar-09 14:44:19 UTC
C1 Models

From your 4 models of C, which one should I choose and which one is the most common?

The first question is a hard one, as many factors affect that decision. On a simple note we normally divide them into two categories:

a. Vanquish III and Vanquish III 2 - The first one is the one with “wings”, this small angle created in the deck, normally helps athletes that prefer to have support in the end of the stroke, the second one has a more parallel shape, that normally suits better all those that started canoeing in the narrow boats and don’t need any support in the end of the stroke.

b. The H or no H - The H stands for High, the hull shapes are exactly the same, and the only change between these two boats is the height of he deck, the H is 2 cm higher in the cockpit area.

In what concerns popularity, the C1 Vanquish 2 is without a doubt the winner. In our sales statistics the standard model is taking 55%, the H taking 20%, the C1 Vanquish taking 15% and the H model 10%. In the medal statistics there was a tie at the last Olympics, with A.Vajda and T. Hall using the Vanquish 2 model and D.Cal and Y. Cheban using the Vanquish.

Now you can find pictures of all the four models in our website.