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Asian Championships

Thursday, 01-Oct-09 12:37:05 UTC
Asian Championships
Tehran welcomed the Asian Championships, this event went on for 4 days over 1000, 500, 200 and 5000 mt for Seniors and Juniors.

The Venue is a World Class facility with all the technology and infrastructures to host high profile events.

Everybody was very kind and friendly to us, in our first appearance in the Asian Championships, even tough we were present just as spectators it is rewarding to see that even very far from the "usual" locations our work is recognized.

Racing wise it was a great event, and it is easy t see that this reginal events play a great role in the develoment of the sport. There were not many Nelo's present but the ones that were did very well as we were able to win all the Women Senior K1's and most of the Men's Senior K1 and K2. Thanks to the effort of the teams from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

We are amazed by the logistical issues some of this teams face, and we feel it is part of our mission to make their life easier, and we will try more and more.

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