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Are the Vanquish 3’s achieving the expected results?

Thursday, 30-Apr-09 13:18:17 UTC
Are the Vanquish 3’s achieving the expected results?

Copenhagen Spring Regatta 2009: (Top) René Poulsen, Denmark, winning the K1 1000 final. (Bottom) Eirik Veraas Larsen/Jacob Norenberg, Norway, winners of the K2 1000m in the brand new Vanquish 3 L.

It is still early to say, but for now it is way over our expectations.

Just this weekend in Copenhagen, we had oportunity to attend one the first international appearances of the new models, and what an appearance with the top 3 places in both K1 500 and K2 1000 being taken by Vanquish III. ( René Poulsen, Anders Gustafsson, Eirik Veraas Larsen and Lasse Nielsen).

As the K2 models came out later, they are still few around, in fact in Copenhagen, there was only one racing, but that one was enough to win the two K2 events.

For Nelo the conditions on the water could not have been any better, with conditions going from very wavy to completely flat, in just two days, giving the athletes a chance to test the boats in diferent scenarios, all while racing.

The feedback has been awesome and the confidence of the athletes in the new shape is growing, the results are just confirming that.