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Adapted Canoeing, soon in Portugal?

Sunday, 26-Apr-09 21:34:05 UTC
Adapted Canoeing, soon in Portugal?

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Carla Ferreira, from “Montijo Atlético Clube” is already a member of the Portuguese Canoeing Federation and soon will receive an adapted kayak, produced by Nelo, a Portuguese company leader in the national and international market.

Carla really made an impression on the company management, being the first Portuguese with brain paralysis (Cerebral Palsy) to practice canoeing and with some remarkable results.

She works in Montijo Public Library and started canoeing just a couple of years ago, pushed by her coach, Ivo Quendera, that used to be her swimming instructor.

Because of her training, she now has improved her mobility and balance a lot. In the kayak, she is now more independent and her performances are getting better every day.

The International Paralympic Committee already has suggested that the National Federations should adopt this specialty into their activities in Brazil and Canada. The goal is to make it a Paralympic class of its own, but at least show it as an “exhibition” sport at the London Games in 2012.

While adapted canoeing is not yet a reality in Portugal, Carla will carry on with regular competitions. In the end of May she will participate in the 2nd Taça Nacional de Pista, in Montemor-o-Novo.

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