Portuguese Norm NP 4457:2007

The Portuguese Norm NP 4457:2007 is based on an innovation model, supported by interfaces and interactions between scientific and technological knowledge, knowledge about the organization and its operation and the market and society in general.

The norm’s principal objective is the definition of an effective R&D management system. The organizations that adopt this norm are expected to define a R&D policy and achieve their innovation objectives.

In Nelo R&D is a daily routine. Every day new ideas are born inside and outside walls. Obviously that every idea is important to us so we need to register them all. We expect this ideas to be transformed in gains for our athletes and for us.

The implementation of a R&D Management System allowed us to:

  • Systematize our R&D activities for maximizing our internal “know-how”;
  • Establish objectives and goals for controlling the resources associated to the R&D activities;
  • Plan, organize and monitor the R&D objectives;
  • Follow the technological development to anticipate the market and identify improvement opportunities;
  • Integration of all the NELO collaborators in our R&D policy and R&D projects;

Monitor and identification of improvement opportunities and implementation of correctional actions according with the results obtained in our R&D activities.