Modifying a model by hand is the easiest way to introduce modifications and have the immediate perception of how the model will look. We can cut a bit here and add a bit there to obtain the expected result and then move on to 3D Scanning.
After the handmade modifications, we need to transport those ideas to a CAD software for reverse engineering. By using a 3D scanner we can rapidly and accurately scan the boats/parts/components and draw them in CAD software.
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Computer Aided Engineering is an important part of our development cycle. After the 3D Scanning step our boats are redesigned in CAD software and machined for the best accuracy possible.
Small parts and components are often directly designed in the CAD software for rapid prototyping and machining.


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Prototyping is used when we want to test a new solution. In sports engineering as to walk side-by-side with ergonomy and design so we need a series of solutions and materials for rapid prototyping our ideas.