Research & Development



Portuguese Norm NP 4457:2007


Technical Partners
  • Fiber Sensing
  • UTAD
  • Dartfish
  • FEUP
  • IST
  • MIT Portugal
  • IST


Project: M.A.R.KAYAKS INOV .: M.A.R. KAYAKS INOVation Center
Aims for the creation and promotion of a R & D Research Group in co-promotion, which involves different qualified HR from M.A.R. KAYAKS and an entity of the national scientific system - INEGI, to perform a set of activities that promote the strengthening of internal competences of M.A.R. KAYAKS in the R&D area, through the technology transfer and knowledge sharing. The main working areas and "research lines" are related with Complex Products and Advanced Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, Topology Optimization, Lean Manufacturing and Resource Efficiency.
Project: Projeto GlobalSki
Project to promote a new kind of boats on new markets, worldwide.